How to change your headlights

1.Open and prop your vehicle's hood.

2.Remove the power connector from the back of the headlight. This may require a slight turn to get it loose.

3.Remove the dust cover from the back of headlight. This also may require a small twist to get loose.

4.Some cars have a clip that holds the bulb in place. Press down on this clip to release the light bulb.

5.Grasp the housing of the bulb and pull it out. This step may require a little wiggling to get it loose. Do not pull the bulb by the glass or tug the bulb roughly. You could cause it to break.

6.Holding the old bulb and new bulbs by their housings, compare to make sure they match.

7.To guarantee your bulb is free of dust and fingerprints, gently wipe it with pre-moistened alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol on a dust-free cloth.

8.Line up the bulb housing with the open socket and insert carefully. Make sure it's secure.

9.Slide the bulb back in place and twist if necessary to make sure it's locked into its spot.

10.Replace the clip (if you have one), dust cover, and power connector.

11.Turn on your headlights to ensure the bulb and connection are working.

12.Close the hood.