Parts of a Car

Car parts are a part of our everyday life. They help your car run smoothly. But what happens when they break down? You have to fix it, right? Going to the mechanic would cost more money, with the cost of the hiring of the mechanic and the cost of the cart parts. However, if you fix it yourself, all you have to do is buy the car parts. This website will teach you what the different car parts are and what they do.

Basic Car parts

  1. The Battery - Provides the energy needed to start the engine, work the AC and heater, and work the radiator

  2. The Radiator - Cools down the engine to make sure the engine doesn't overheat

  3. Radiators - A machine that cools the car’s engine down

  4. Mufflers or Silencers - A machine that reduces the sound of the engine

  5. Shock Absorbers: They will absorb the shock off of the “bumpiness” of the bad roads

  6. Transmission - The transmission takes the energy generated in the engine and transmits it to the connected wheels

  7. Spark Plug - The spark plug is what you use to get the car started. It uses an electric spark to ignite fuel in the engine's ignition chamber

  8. Air Filter - The air filter helps get rid of the dust and bacteria in the air inside your car

  9. Catalytic Converter - The catalytic converter helps reduce emissions from your vehicle

  10. Alternator - This is what allows your car battery to charge while the engine is running

  11. Axle - Connected to the wheels, this part helps turn the wheel

  12. Brakes - Helps stop the car

  13. Pistons - It will handle all those gasoline explosions, this is where your car get it’s horsepower

  14. Clutch - The clutch is the part of the car that is moved from gear to gear.

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